Services We Offer

Consultancy : Design Engineering – Generation of B.O.Q – Bid Document Preparation – Shop Drawings – Onsite Supervision – Obtain Approval, co-ordination with concerned authorities.

Turnkey Project Execution : Design Engineering – Drawing Preparation – Equipments Supply – Installation & Commissioning – Obtain Approvals

Systems : Water Based Hydrant Systems – Sprinklers – Water Mist & Dust Suppressions – Foam Flooding Systems – Detection Systems (Gas, Heat, Smoke, Linear, E.T.C)

Products : Hydrant valves (All Types) – Special Nozzles (Control ,Fog, Revolving Etc.) – Other Fittings (Instantaneous quick release, Pumping in Breach, Air release valve Etc.) – Exclusive Entire Range of Portable / Manual / Remote Controlled Fire Water Monitors & Nozzles.

Gas Monitoring and Detection : (Products from RAE Systems) Portable Single / Multi Gas Detectors – Photo Ionization Detectors – Stand Alone Wireless Gas Detectors – Rapid Deployment Kit – Fixed Gas Detection System – Radiation Detector & Dosimeter – Plume Measurement & Decision Support – Chem/Bio/WMD/Rad Decision Support Solutions for First Responders.

Life Saving Safety Equipment's : Water Gel Fire Burn Blankets (Burn Shield, Levtrade South Africa) – Burn Trauma First Aid Dressing (Hydro gel, Levtrade South Africa) – Life Oxygen Masks – Fire Fighting Blanket (Bridella, IC International U.K)

Rescue Equipment's : Emergency Escape Mask (Smoke Hood 60,Far-side Ltd. U.K). – Fire rescue Helmet with integrated communication (Cromwell Echo, Helmet Int Systems U.K) – Rescue Chain Saw with Carbide Chain (Ventmaster Tempest tech USA) – Cutoff Saw for Concrete/ Metal (Tempest tech USA)

Others : Water Monitors (All Types, Foam as well as Water including trailer and trolley mounted) – Foam Equipments (All Types, including trailer and trolley mounted) – Fire Extinguishers (All Types). – Fire Chemicals – Clothings (Fire Proximity Suits, Chemical Suits, Non Flammable Blankets) – Safety Apparels – Photo luminescent Signage and Other Products – P.P Equipments – Sirens (Electrically / Manually Operated).

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